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The Wand® Computerized Anesthesia

Doctors have long known that the main cause of discomfort or pain during an injection is the flow of the anesthetic into your tissues. The Wand® Computerized Anesthesia System allows the doctor precise control over the location and amount of anesthesia that is administered. Using the Wand® handpiece allows for complete accuracy that was previously unattainable. The Wand® is a pre-programmed anesthetic delivery device that controls the flow of anesthetic into your tissues.

By beginning the injection at an extremely slow rate and then gradually increasing the flow, pain is managed and patients experience little to no discomfort! The Wand® ensures that each patient receives the optimal dose of anesthetic at the optimal flow rate so that each injection is comfortable every time. Patients are amazed at how comfortable obtaining dental anesthesia is now using The Wand®!

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